[v6 General Discussion] Undo & other queries

Hello EW support,

Q1. Do I have to upgrade to ver 7, so as to get an undo feature? A feature users have been asking for virtually since Easyworship started up.
I felt sure that the 'Update' prompt screen mentioned an Undo had been added to previous update (ver 6.7.8 I think) on "most screens", but I can't find undo on any screens. What am I missing? I note the ver 7 promo shows it as an additional menu icon, but it does not show in ver

Q2. I note you are lauding a black interface on ver 7. I am hoping this a changeable default and that you can you revert it the same colours as ver 6?
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These are two good questions.

Yes, version 7 will have undo, but 6 won't. If this feature were a simple api or drop in module we could have included it with 6, but we had to write our own undo feature which required significant investment into that feature and integration with version 7, so we can only include it in 7 and future versions.

Yes, you have the option of dark mode or light mode.

I also recommend checking out the what's new page so you can see all of the features added to 7.