[v6 General Discussion] Panel Sizing

In Easyworship 6, the sizing of panels is not persistent as it should be. I run the "preview and live" view and size the output panels to their smallest, before the disappear entirely. However, if I minimize Easyworship then restore it, those panels return to their default size which is significantly larger. Is there a way to remedy this?


If you click on HELP//ABOUT EASYWORSHIP it will show you the build number. Which build are you running?
I am currently running, but I see that you just released I'm in the process of installing that now.

Edit: This build appears to have to fixed this issue.

Edit#2: As usual, things are not what they seem. While my original issue is technically fixed, the sizes of the panels was not persistent through a system restart. I'm not sure if this is an issue with Easyworship or my system. Let me know if you need any other info from me.