[v6 General Discussion] Probleme with LOGO Transition and Powerpoint

Since version and even for the new Easyworship 7 we have a weird problem with the logo feature over powerpoint.

If the logo transition is set to blend, when we ask the logo over a powerpoint it does the transition with a ghost slide (it's alwasy the slide where we asked the logo the first time)

So everythime we ask the logo it does not with the current slide but it does blend with the ghost slide instead of the current slide.

We are using powerpoint 2016 32 bit
Windows 10 Pro
Easyworship 6.7.8 or Easyworhip 7

Easyworship 6.7.70 does not have this issue.

Thank you for your help.

Hi. I think we have the same issue with the transition from PowerPoint to black: when we click the Black button, the screen often swaps to a slide from a PowerPoint presentation used earlier in the service, before starting the fade to black. It's irritating. One option is to unclick the Live button rather than using the Black button when trying to move on from a PowerPoint, though obviously it doesn't fade nicely if you do this.
Please make sure you have updated to