[v6 General Discussion] Images 'secretly' added to media tab from schedule

We are trying to minimise our use of PowerPoint (PP) and getting to grips with Easy Worship Presentations (EWP).

I have been building presentations (as per the video) by dragging images into the schedule and then combining them to create an EWP.

Some of the images I have dragged to the schedule have been added to the Images Media tab although I have not explicitly added them myself. I don't want to retain them for future use. If I delete the unwanted images the Presentations that contain them still seem to function.

[Possibly of interest as a side issue ... As part of our move to EWPs we are starting to convert PPs by using the PP 'Save As' option to save the PP as a series of jpg files and then using these to create an EWP (as per the video). Obviously this works best for simple PP but some more complex effects can sometimes be recreated using the features in EWP.