[v6 General Discussion] Easier way to add images to an EW Presentation Slide

Currently if you want add an image to an EW presentation slide you have to first add the image to the images media tab and then import from there. Which is a pain.

You do not need or want to permanently store images which are potentially only being used once.

It would be a lot simpler if images could simply be dragged in from the original external source ... typically a folder on the user's PC. If you are adding a number of images (our minister frequently uses a lot!) then it is also requires you to be able to locate the images in the media tab ... not simple if you already have hundreds of images - which most of us will. You either have to somehow rename your images with coherent filenames and/or create a new specific collection. Typically these images may only be required once (e.g. for a specific service .. so either they clutter up your images database or you need to delete them once you have finished the presentation. These actions are not what you want to be spending your time on when hurrying to get a service prepared.

I realise that it is possible to create a multi image 'slide show' using the neat technique described in the 'So Long PowerPoint' video - which was a useful revelation to us as we are currently having to abandon PP as we cannot get it reliably project inside EW.

The video is here: http://training.easyworship.com/support ... powerpoint

The most recent post about PP issues is here:

There is a potential in "So long Powerpoint" as powerpoint is starting after 25 sec the first time it is called by the schedule.
Next calls it takes 3-4 sec. so we call a powerpoint before the service starts.

all the songs in our service are .PNG (notes&text) over 3000, in about 450 PPTX's.
does anyone know how to make a script to import those 3000 PNG in 450 songs, bypassing the images folder?

(and while the data base is filling up with an other 450 songs: is there a tool to split the database in songbooks, like we find biblebooks in our bible?)

Bottomline: I would be glad to say so long powerpoint and have 450 new songs in the database, but this is almost impossible to
do by hand.
Give the latest update ( a try. They should run faster, but you may need to look at your virus scanner and add exceptions for Easyworship.exe, EasyWorshipHelper.exe, ezwHookpp.32.exe, ezwHookpp.64.exe.
Don't just add the softouch folder or EasyWorship6 or EasyWorship7 folders. That doesn't always work.
Also it depends on the number of slides you have and how big the slideshow is.
Hi Rodger, thanks for the reply.

next week I will switch off/modify the scanner and try again.

but the point is: it would be nice if "So long Powerpoint" is successfull.
in our service every song is a powerpoint, several slides per verse thus being a song 6 - 12 slides.

a slide is a .PNG with musical notation and the text.
these .PNG's come from the publisher, we have a license

importing the over 3000 png's as verses in about 450 songs in the EW database would really empower EW.
(it would be nice if these 450 songs were in a songbook in the database)
EW started out as a powerpoint integrator, now please take one step more to make me forget powerpoint.
and, if possible, provide us with a tool to import those 3000 png's as doing this by hand is almost impossible.

and I'm sure, I am not alone.
When we faced this problem, we just reloaded all our songs from the CCLI database. This was surprisingly easy and seemed a lot quicker than any form of processing songs one by one.
Hi Harry, thanks for Your reply.

We never ever use CCLI but for the copyrightspayment of 4-5 songs per year.
We use the copyrighted material of a different publisher of the Dutch "Nieuwe liedboek" (new songbook),
in use by the majority of Dutch protestant churches.

now I seek the best way to install those 3000 png's in the EW songbase, preferably not by hand.
Using music notation does present a more complex problem for sure. How are these png files labeled?
Hi Rodger,

thanks for the reply.
As I'm not sure of what You want to know, I made a partial sample of next sundays' buildingblocks and zipped it.
the ewsx file only needs last minute text updates
see attachment
pls let me know if You need anything else.