[v6 General Discussion] Database automatically updates schedule

Hello all,

I tried searching for this issue but maybe it hasn't been posted yet. I've discovered that changing a song in the database will automatically update the text of the same song that's currently in the schedule, and also the background (sometimes to black though). Is there a way to turn this off? Doing it manually is great, but I'd like for it not to be automatic.

Basically my use for it is we're moving away from using bulletins so I've created an "up next" song, which I put up as a slide to show what's "up next." So I want the same format in the database but the text is different in the various locations in the schedule. Unfortunately sometimes when I'm editing the song I forget to edit the schedule song and am editing the database song. When that happens I've accidentally changed all the instances of "up next" in the schedule and have to go back and edit each one.

Using EW version

Thanks for any help!

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When you edit the song in the database un-check the Apply changes to items in the schedule.