[v6 General Discussion] Continual delays during EW execution

I'm running version 6.7.8 in windows 10 x64. I am running a Dell 970 with 8 MB of memory, and I use a GTX 960 video card.

Whenever I add change any files in EW, the windows busy wheel spins for anywhere from 5 to 60 seconds before the program recovers. when I say change any files, this means adding any images, presentations or videos to the configuration, when I edit any presentations, or when I update the schedule in any way. Any idea why the delays occur?

I'm not running any other applications during EW execution. I'm not running any separate antivirus, only Windows Defender.

Any suggestions on how to solve this will be very helpful.


Where is your database (EasyWorshp Profile) stored?
Default location, Network drive...
The storage is on the local c:\ drive. We don't have a network drive, and the hard drive is a regular 7200 rpm 1 TB drive.
Please open task manager with EW closed and go to the performance tab.
Note the CPU and Memory usage
Then open EasyWorship and use it for a little bit and note the cpu and memory usage.
EW should use between 150 and maybe 5 or 600 if you are working it really hard.
CPU could spike up to maybe 30% depending on what you are doing in the software, but it shouldn't stay there.
I have some metrics.

No EW :
CPU 31% Usage
memory : 39%
GPU : 0%

EW Started:
CPU 38%
memory : 42%
GPU : 5%

I used Resource Monitor to look at the processing usage. I found that EasyWorshipHelper is continually using 25% of the CPU. Is this normal? additionally, when I started projecting the logo on the projector, the program went busy (the spinner started) and the EW Helper turned red in the resource monitor.
Open the helper app by clicking on help, then background helper.
Most likely it's stuck trying to process a resource item, like a PowerPoint or other media item.
Once you find out what it is stuck on, click on the profiles menu, then profile manager.
Click the Link next to Instance Location on the right and brose to the resources folder.
Find the file in there and move it out. Then stop and start the helper.
If you have multiple profiles, it could be processing an item in one of the other profiles you have.
I ran the background helper, and the helper dwells on an older powerpoint pptx file that is no longer in the profile\resources\presentations area. How can I discover where this file is being referenced, and how to make the program forget this file?

Any inputs will be appreciated.
Make sure EW is closed and helper is closed.
Browse to c:\users\public\public documents\softouch\easyworship\
If you have multiple folders there, go into each one into resources\presentations
Make sure it isn't there.
Then restart EW.