[v6 General Discussion] .MP4 and .MPG playback issues

Hi! We’ve recently begun to supplement our worship services by using purchased worship videos (vocal worship tracks with the lyrics included in one .MPG or MP4 file). Having recently upgraded to EasyWorship 6, I’ve been able to add .MP4 files into our media library, then add these files into a schedule. Playback has been excellent, no issues for a couple weeks. This past weeks service however, the final 2 videos in our schedule played back with lyrics going BY FAR slower than the music playback.
Testing the files after service outside of EasyWorship I can confirm that it is not an issue with the videos themselves. Wondering if it is a video codec issue, or some sort of setting I might need to play with.
Has anyone else ever run into troubles playing back .MPG or .MP4 in EasyWorship-where the video image lags behind the sound?

I've recently seen this with an MPG2 but haven't seen it with an MP4.
For MP4 try installing Quicktime player and see if that resolves the issue.
I don't have a fix at this time for MPG2.
You can get quicktime from the following article.
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... icles/8591
BTW, can you provide the name of the site you are getting these files from?
Hey! We have installed QuickTime already, as well as the other couple of recommended video codec programs.
Just checked the videos and both the files that lagged were in fact MP4 files. I plan on doing some trial runs of our next service throughout this week, I’m really hoping it was an isolated issue but if you do happen to come across any other advice you can pass on, please do!

Also, we purchase and download worship videos from:
Worshiplyricvideos.com (their “store” is through bamazoo)
I would like to get a sample of those videos that don't work, so our developers can figure out what's causing the issue.
If you can send us a dropbox or other cloud drive link to the file at support@easyworship.com that will give us a file to test and see if we can find a solution.

Shameless plug.
You can get Integrity Worship Tracks videos from the EasyWorship media store. We aren't finished adding all of their library yet.
https://www.easyworship.com/media/filte ... p/25/pg/1/