[v6 General Discussion] video now lagging

I'm certain that this question has been addressed in a variety of ways but recently, our easyworship program started to lag with video playback. Videos play correctly through our projector when ran straight through the computer via windows media projector but when ran through easy worship, the audio is lagging behind the video. Our current EW is 6.7.8. I know very little on the video card/graphics end which is why we went initially with EW. Can someone troubleshoot for me and help us to efficiently utilize EW?
We have windows 8.1 on a desktop tower in the sanctuary. Intel(R) HD graphics is listed under our display adapters so i'm assuming that's our graphics card. Thanks in advance.
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I would like you to create a support ticket so that you would be able to send one of the videos to us and we can test it out .

Here is a link to the support site https://support.easyworship.com/support/tickets/new:2nyjw00g]Submit a ticket