[v6 General Discussion] Small fonts in some songs

I have a strange problem with some songs in my database: the font size is way too small for them.

Some background: I have around 4000 songs in the database, taken from 4 different hymnbooks. I have them in four separate collections, though I don't think that's relevant. All the songs arrived in the same way - they were imported in bulk into a 2009 database and this was then upgraded to version 6. I have a theme that I've created that has quite large font for the text. I've set it as the default theme and I've done a "Reset Songs to Default Theme".

If I edit one of the songs that's wrong, then I only see the one "Master" and it has large font, but on the words tab the font is set to the smaller value.

Is there any way that I can reset all the songs completely in one go? It'll be very tedious to have to edit each one manually ...


I will send you a ticket so that we can work on this.
I've not received a ticket, Terry. Should I be looking in email, or on the support website?

I am sorry that was my fault. I thought I sent it but did not. It should be in your email now. If not let me know.
It turns out that this isn't an EW6 problem, but rather some of the songs imported into the database from an RTF file had font size settings in the RTF file. As a result, I've just got to bite the bullet and edit them one by one.
If it were me, I would probably just wait till I used it next to fix it. It may be as easy as editing the song, selecting all of the text ctrl+a then clicking reset styles at the top right of the editor.
Thanks, Rodger, but it isn't quite that easy here because those who regularly "drive" EW will not be happy doing that. I'm trying to create a "clean" master database - as clean as I can make it, anyway - for them to use ...

Anyway, I'm working my way through them.