[v6 General Discussion] Themes: Multi-line titles with tall fonts

How do you all do title slides with multi-line titles and tall-height fonts?

My #1 feature request would be a way to adjust settings on line height a la Microsoft applications (you can set a line height to 80% to cut some of the empty space above and below some fonts, etc.)...

When I'm creating master slides (since there are no setting options for line height/leading), I've been manually spacing text containers for things like multi-line titles. It's pretty time-consuming; when I want to move objects around, selecting them is hit or miss. The objects select based on the line height of the text within vs. the bounds I've drawn.

I can get around some of this with intentionally layering objects just so, but that's a pain and not a real solution (some fonts are spaced taller than others).

So hard to explain, and a little easier to show... See attached images.



Is there an easier way to do this?
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I am sorry this is not available yet. If you have not already you can add this as a feature request on the Development Pipeline. https://support.easyworship.com/support/discussions/forums/6000039150:l0u2xyo7]Feature Requests