[v6 General Discussion] EW freezing up

EW seems to freeze up occasionally. It happens this way:

We are in a long song or ppt. So the current activity is in the right hand pane. I haven't timed how long, but at least 5 minutes, maybe longer. Now I want to click something in the left pane, something else in the schedule. When I click on it, nothing happens. Then my mouse cursor turns into a blue circle and spins for awhile - 15 sec? (again, I haven't timed it) - then finally I am able to activate the item from the schedule and put it into live mode. Is something going to sleep in EW? OR is something going to sleep on my computer? EW seems to be active, because I am clicking things in the right hand pane or we are using the remote to click in the right hand pane.

Any thoughts?


Sounds like the hard drive on the computer going to sleep and you're waiting for it to spin back up. Check your winodws power settings for a setting that is doing something like this.
I changed those settings to something longer than 15 minutes. I will see how it acts on Sunday.

Thanks for the suggestions!