[v6 General Discussion] New Images Greyed Out

I just finished creating a new welcome image for our church using GIMP. It is a png file. EW will add the image to the media/image area, but it is grey. If I go to load it into the slideshow, or make it the logo screen, only a black screen shows. However, if I drag and drop it into the play list from the desktop, it works fine. EW vs. Attached is an image showing what it looks like. Thanks.

The greyed out images may be representative of an incomplete download.
Try to load the .png into the images folder again.
Then go up to HELP and click on Background Helper.
If you see an option to 'Start', go ahead and click on that.
If not, send me a screenshot of that area.
Okay, I tried again and got the same result. Also, there was nothing listed in the background helper as the image shows. Thanks.
Of the affected items,
What is the file format of the images?
Where did you get the images from?