[v6 General Discussion] Auto Capitalization in words and slides

Observation: In edit item, I have a word not capitalized in my slides. If I put set that word to always capitalize, it will do it on the slides and shows as capitalized on the slides, but on the words it is still small. Is that consistent with how the program is to act?

To test this - put bleed in your word list. Then go to Alas and did my Savior bleed, do edit item, look at bleed in the words and bleed on the screen. In the words it is small letters. In slides it is capitalized.

For what I want - having it capitalized on the screen - it has done that. I just sort of thought it would also change it on the words.

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Yes this is working as designed. It will not capitalize the word in the words area so you know how you typed it in.