[v6 General Discussion] Edit Item lock up

Last night when I was using Easy Worship and went to Edit Items, it kept freezing up and I had to close via task manager and restart EW. An update was done on Windows 10 and then I updated Easy Worship to the new version. Is there a reason that it was doing this? It's making me afraid I'll have to edit something in the middle of service and have it lock up.

Thanks for your help.

Debbie Stiglitz

Please provide the version of EasyWorship you are using.
I am using version 6 and updated to the last update after this occurred.

Try holding down the ALT and Press the TAB key to cycle though the open programs and see if the Song Editor screen is open but hiding behind another window. If this is not it let me know.
Thanks Terry - this issue has not reoccured since the upgrade, but if it does, I will try your suggestion.