[v6 General Discussion] Questions schedules and on the fly edits

We made the choice to upgrade to Easy Worship for a couple reasons - I downloaded and reviewed the program but not in depth enough and am somewhat disappointed in some functions that make it very difficult to edit things on the fly. I was actually using a different program that worked perfectly for what I need, BUT it didn't have some bells and whistles I also wanted....so

Once in a schedule with songs and presentations added, there is no way I can find to edit on the fly a screen that perhaps needs words edited, needs to be duplicated such as a chorus or even moving around parts of the song without going into the "edit item" mode. So am I missing a way to do this, or isn't there, and if not, will there ever be a way?

Secondly, once I worked a song into a theme and separated verses and choruses, etc, I have to save this in the schedule instead of it just automatically saving my work, meaning I could have several duplicates of a song and I find that I just plain forget to do this, and pull up the song to find out that I didn't import it into the database. Is there an easier way to do this - if I don't know what schedule I did the song in previously I have to open all my schedules to find the song so I can import to my song database.

Hope these questions make sense, and if not, I will try and reword, thanks.

Debbie Stiglitz

Yes, the only way to edit anything on the fly is to go into the Editor via the Edit Item... option in the schedule. Just make sure to 'Go Live' again if you already have that item projected.

If you would like to save your work from the schedule to the database, you can right-click on any item in the schedule and select the Check Schedule for changes... option. This option will allow you save your changes to the database.
Also, you can edit the song in the database instead of the schedule and it will automatically update the scheduled item when you save your edits.
thanks for the responses to my questions, is there any plans for Easy Worship to update the program to make an easier way to edit on the fly? Thanks.