[v6 General Discussion] Backup strategy for EW6

Until fairly recently I stored all the EW files within a Dropbox folder. But now EW techies say that's a bad thing to do. So my question is - what's the simplest automatic backup strategy that folk recommend? I should say that I'm a in dyed in the wool Mac user who reluctantly has to use Windows 10 (on a fancy gaming laptop) to run EW6.

We seem to be OK to store items within /resources within Dropbox - so that takes care of presentations, video, images, audio and schedules. But the main db which I believe contains the vital song database is the big issue for me. I could live with losing everything in the /resources folder but losing nearly 700 songs would be a real disaster! An online (free) solution would be ideal. I do have a 32GB Usb 3 stick permanently connected to the laptop, but obviously that's no use if the laptop is lost or stolen or the house burns down with the laptop in it! TBH I'm not entirely clear where within the db songs are stored?

Any recommendations?

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Hi John

The database files are held in the same folder structure as your presentation resources, linked to your profile settings. If you use the default profile, then the top folder is called Default, so if you copy all the files and folders under that then you will have a copy of all you need, that can get restored by copying back to your laptop.

There is no reason that this backup can't be stored on Dropbox, and refreshed when it suits you and your usage.

Sorry I don't have access to get the detailed file structure or settings, but hopefully this is enough to get you pointed along the right direction.