[v6 General Discussion] Import rtf file in Presentation


I want import a formatted textfile into a presentation. My problem is in the first sheet. Easyworship fill automaticaly the title and the subtitle, but the content is empty.

My importfile is:

Genesis 1 : 1 - 4
In den beginne etc...

Genesis 1 : 5 - 8
Her follows the other text.

How can i fill the content in my first sheet?


Attache one of the files to this post so we can take a look at it.
Try clicking the theme button at the top, then changing the theme for the first slide to content only.

I include my (1) own Theme file, (2) test rtf file and a screendump of the result. I have renamed the two first files. Remove the last extension .txt before using.

As you see in the screendump, the subtitle and the content aren't fill. What must I change in the rtf file?

I've attached a video of the results I get when I change the theme to content only on the first slide. Seems to work pretty well.