[v6 General Discussion] Song Activity Reporting and Service Intervals

I'm evaluating EasyWorship for my church and I'm looking at the song activity reporting element. I had hoped that being able to enter service intervals as one of the options might restrict the reported songs to those that were used only during service times, excluding those that were active whilst setting up, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Am I missing something or is this just not possible?



Hi Pete,

This report doesn't allow you to only include specific times of the day. If you are reporting to SongSelect, the last information we received from them was they they needed to know when it was added to the database, not projected.
Thanks for your quick response Roger, but as I understand it a CCL licence, under the Digital reporting heading, requires you to report "When you project a song’s lyrics onto a big screen using Powerpoint or projection software", hence my question. I will however check out what we currently report and see if we need this ability.

It is as I thought - we are required to report when songs are projected during the service. So the ability for the Activity Reporting tool to make use of the Service Intervals to only report those projected during a service would be very useful - I guess I should add this to your wish list.