[v6 General Discussion] Font size when importing schedule

We have a situation where the worship leader builds the schedule on his home computer using EW6, and then brings a thumb drive in with the schedule on it. We import the schedule into our presentation machine which is also EW6, but any text he has copied and pasted in the schedule is very small.

He confirms that he selects Auto Size when he builds it, but any text that has been edited shows up as Auto-27 on the church computer. This has caused errors during the service, but we now go and check every verse and chorus for the error.

I know this may not be an ideal situation, but it is what we have to deal with at this time. Any ideas on why this is occuring?


If he is cutting and pasting from another program make sure that he right clicks and then select "paste without formatting" If that does not work let me know.
He said he was not using a different program. He was splitting a verse in two, and was copying and pasting from within EW. It looks correct on his machine, but when we import it into the church machine, the font is Auto-27, but only on the copied and pasted text.
When I prepare a schedule at home I set all songs to 48pt (using a theme). When I open the schedule on the church PC the fonts have changed to 52pt. I have to prepare them at 43pt at home and then they open as 47pt on the church PC.
At home, in edit, options,
change the output monitor to custom position and set the height and width to match the church's output monitor.
That should help keep the text the same size on both machines.
Rodger, there is a bug found that I worked with support on that could be the culprit. Was getting different sizes on desktops and laptops.
Yes, that's a dpi issue. Where one screen is running a higher dpi than the other.