[v6 General Discussion] Cant import images now, please help!

We just started having this problem about a week ago, any new images we import show up as grayed out thumbnails and we cant use them. even ones we've used in the past and removed. nothing has been changed as far as i can tell on the PC or in EW, any ideas as to what i could try?
Also, Just for an example I took an image we have already in EW and made a copy and imported the copy. it's in the attached screenshot.

I'm sorry you're having this problem. Please click on help, background helper. If it has a start button at the bottom, click start and see what happens.
This is what shows up.
Does that PowerPoint ever go away? If not, try removing it from the Presentations area.
Removing it from the presentations area fixed it!!! thank you!!
As us kids used to say in the 90s way too often. Sweet!
As kids would say now. That's Dope!
Or maybe "I just murdered that fix".
Either way I'm glad it's working. Be blessed.
Well, this 80's kid says your rad! Thanks!
Party on Wayne! LOL
Party on Garth! (Couldn't leave you hanging)