[v6 General Discussion] Theme as logo

We used a theme this week - blue paint - as the background for all the songs. We normally click Black in between songs. But it would be easy to click Logo in between songs, if it matched the same background as the song backgrounds. How can I get one of your themes over to image to set it as the logo? Is there a way to do that?



Just edit an image and change the background to the specific image or video that you want to use and then right click on it and set it as a LOGO and then you can use it the same way.
Yes, we can use an image and set that as the theme and set that as the logo. But we liked a theme that came with EW and were using that for everything. Is there a way to take that theme that came with EW and make it the default logo?
The image that is used on that one is under media and then images it is called WorshipMediaPro_05. You can use it from there as a logo.
I was able to find it. Thanks! If I search media/images for Blue Paint, it doesn't show up. However, if I scroll down to the bottom where worship.... names would be, there is an image called Blue Paint. So it is now my logo.

Thanks for the help!

Converted EW2009 database to EW6. All the backgrounds I had in EW2009 were imported under themes. I am unable to set a theme as a logo. How can I convert a theme image to a media image?
Thank you.
It should already be in the media tab, if not, you'll have to find the image or video and add it to media. If it's one of the default backgrounds from 2009, it was an image that was embedded into the database.
The only way I've found to get those out is to load up 2009. Drag the background onto a song in the schedule. Click schedule, check for changes. Then import the image. It will drop it into the images folder, which is accessible from EW 6.
We have a transparent PNG of our church logo. We use ShotCut to overlay the logo on the motion background for each theme, then set that video as the logo to match the theme.