[v6 General Discussion] Update 6.7.5 lost song library

Hi I just performed the latest update and have now lost all of the song library.

When the update finished there was a warning about lost data and to contact ew for support.

does anyone have a quick fix?



I haven't seen this, but upgrades seem not to lose data. Have you tried the rebuild index option? I think it is in the help/about menu. This will rebuild the index and may help recover what appears lost.

Hope you get a resolution

I created a ticket so that we can work on it. You should get an email.
extra info:

If i change to a test profile the songs for that profile appear - so it looks like the software is working correctly.

I could grab a backup. It is as simple as locating the file and cut and paste over the one with the issue?
Is there a rebuild option as the data file still looks big enough to contain info needed.

the song keys file is 1049kb, Songwords is 1402kb but the songs file is only 16kb - does this mean that the songs are there just no longer the cover sheet information?



If you have a valid backup then yes you can just replace the files and it should work.