[v6 General Discussion] If your upgrade to 6.7.5 fails, try this...

Just a warning to the forum that when I tried to install the update to Easyworship 6.7.5 it failed with an error that it could not rename a file. The rollback after cancelling did not seem to operate effectively, as I could not launch Easyworship (it gave some errors). After rebooting my PC it could not locate Easyworship to run it.

I managed to overcome this by finding the install package for Easyworship 6.7.5 and running it which worked fine, and there was no data loss as it found all my settings and song/presentations databases.

If you find this happens to you, then you can run the install directly from the following location


and then select the 6.7.5 update to run it again.

Hope this helps anyone who struggles with this over the weekend.

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This is very helpful. Thanks for posting!