[v6 General Discussion] Presentation Themes: Can I duplicate slides?

I'd like to create a presentation theme with a few options for slides beyond the default 5 (Title, Title & Content, Content, Blank, Scripture). There may be an easy way to insert a new slide in the master, but I can't see it... Can someone help me duplicate slides or insert new ones?


If you are talking about the Master slide as in the image below. Then you cannot.

If you want to add different slides under the slides tab then yes, you can do that. You just click on slides and then Theme and select the type you want such as Title and Content only or Scripture etc.
Thanks for answering my question (your first guess was what I was talking about). I'll probably submit that as a feature request...

In a perfect world, I'd have an Events presentation theme that has slides for various regular activities (cookouts, potlucks, chapel services, service projects, meetings, rehearsals, etc.) so I could just add slides to my auto-looping Announcements presentation on the fly.

The workaround I've come up with - and y'all, let me know if there's a better way - is to do this:

1) Create multiple presentation themes (one for each type of event activity).
2) Create a new slide in my Announcements presentation.
3) Apply a different theme to each slide.

This works, but I have so. many. presentation. themes.