[v6 General Discussion] Song within Presentation File

Is there a way that songs from the database can be saved directly in a presentation file or do the songs from the database have to be saved separately as a different element in the schedule.

The volunteer who runs Sunday service is not who builds the service during the week. Having the song slides directly in the presentation file would be huge for them as they wouldn't have to know when to go back and forth between elements in the schedule. It would be much easier for our volunteer to just have to hit the next button to cycle through the service.

Does anybody have any thoughts here?
In our current beta and next update EasyWorship allows you to drag songs into each other.
Select all of the songs below the first song in the schedule and drag them into the first song. This will create one song.
Hope this helps.
Awesome. Thanks for your reply, Roger.

Can that then be added into the presentation, or, will it still be a separate element in a schedule?
You can't add a song to a presentation.
Gotcha. Thanks for the help there. Do you think that will be an option in future updates? That would be huge for our volunteers as they would be able to go right through the service as it is laid out with out having to go to the different elements in the schedule.

Also, different topic, but is there a way to name the slides in a presentation say "offering" or "opening" rather than "Slide 1" or "Slide 2". That would also help out our volunteers to see how the service progresses.
Hey Ryan,

To see features like this in future updates, I would recommend that you put in a feature request.
Go to support.easyworship.com and click on Development.
Navigate to Feature Requests and Start a new topic.
Then, you just need to tell the developers what you'd like to see.
After that, the developers will review the post and decide how to proceed.

When you edit a presentation in EasyWorship, there are two different text boxes you can type in.
The top one is the title and the bottom one is typically content.
I've attached a file to show you what I mean.

Let me know if you have any further questions.
Thanks for the feedback, Fred! I'll definitely get that over to the feature requests. I think it would be a great benefit to our team of volunteers.

As far as titling the slides I was looking to have that just be the name of the slide that shows over in the schedule as opposed to "Slide 1" or "Slide 2". If I use that "Title" line over on the words tab it sends that text to the slide. I'm just looking for a way for our team to easily see where they are in the service based on the title of the slide.