[v6 General Discussion] Error: Local Time is Invalid

I installed the 6.7.2 Beta over 6.55 and I got this error each time I open EW:
The given "30/12/1899" local time is invalid (situated within the missing period prior to DST).

After clicking OK, EW opens with an empty DB and the toolbar doesn't work properly (Initially "File", "Edit", and "Live" appear but when the mouse hovers over "Live", it changes to "Help" and "Edit" changes to "Profile").

I have tried uninstalling EW and reinstalling the Beta but same problem persists.


Please make sure your time and date are correct on your computer.
We are trying to recreate this error. What are your time zone and region settings? What version of Windows are you using?

We'll also need to get a copy of your database. Please send an email to support@easyworship.com and we'll get a ticket started for faster communication.
Just did the update and the same error occurred on our 2 PC's "The given "30/12/1899" local time is invalid (situated within the missing period prior to DST)." I see error when I add video feed only Black Magic Intensity Shuttle. Video feed worked fine before update.
Hi! El!

Can you verify the build number? Open EW and click on HELP//ABOUT EASYWORSHIP.
can you provide your system region, location and time settings?
The same error is generated in version 6.7.4 when attempting to create a new theme (so far, I've only tried Song and Scripture themes).
Region: Australia. Time zone: UTC+10 (Brisbane)
It appears that the problem only arises when a media background (either image or video) is used. When using solid colour or gradient backgrounds, the new theme saves OK without the error message.
We got it working on another computer by first uninstalling v6.5.5. However on the original computer the problems remained even after uninstalling v6.7 and reinstalling. Timezone GMT+1; Port Harcourt, Nigeria
My laptop has Windows 10 Version 1703 ("Creators Update"). I have now just installed the latest Windows 10 updates (2017-06) for version 1703.
Immediately before applying the update, I tried creating a new song theme with a media background, and it failed ("Local time is invalid") as reported above. Immediately after the update, this error, at least as far as creation of new themes with media backgrounds is concerned, now appears to have gone away! A Windows 10 issue?
Anyone else on this thread resolve this issue with the windows update?
Having the same problem when creating a theme. I go to set the background image and when I go to save my changes, i get this same error. Our build number is 7.4 and we are running Windows 10. Our system time is synced with Microsoft's servers. Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this?

Try installing build 7.5 and see if that fixes the issue.