[v6 General Discussion] PNG problems on top of picture or video

Hi. I want to make a song background with our logo on top of other images and videos but it does not end up as it should. I have problems adding our logo on top of other media. As I change the size of the logo (that is in PNG with a see throw background) it comes out with all different kinds of strange errors on top of our logo. The error changes if I change the size of the logo. It is also changing when used in EW as a song background it shows up with different errors on the songs.

I run it on a Lenovo yoga 900 with Intel core i7 (2,2Ghz) with the built in Intel Iris Graphics 540 graphic card

I don't know how to add a picture here to show you
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This is an issue with the Intel Graphics cards. we have seen this before using these video cards.