[v6 General Discussion] Interface: are these improvements in the pipeline?

Evaluating EW, I was very impressed; I'm only left with a few questions and concerns. I noticed the following interface, um, "quirks":
[*:3h2yvjkw]No copy/paste[/*:m:3h2yvjkw]
[*:3h2yvjkw]No Windows-standard tooltips when hovering controls[/*:m:3h2yvjkw]
[*:3h2yvjkw]Hard to export individual schedule items[/*:m:3h2yvjkw][/list:u:3h2yvjkw]
The first two are standard functionality that one would expect from any Windows app; the third involves a laborious workaround:
[*:3h2yvjkw]Save existing schedule[/*:m:3h2yvjkw]
[*:3h2yvjkw]Save again under temp name[/*:m:3h2yvjkw]
[*:3h2yvjkw]Delete all unwanted items[/*:m:3h2yvjkw]
[*:3h2yvjkw]Save again[/*:m:3h2yvjkw]
[*:3h2yvjkw]Reload original schedule[/*:m:3h2yvjkw]
[*:3h2yvjkw]Add item… > Import schedule file[/*:m:3h2yvjkw][/list:u:3h2yvjkw]

Are any of these issues scheduled for an upcoming update? Thanks.
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What version of EasyWorship 6 are you using?
Copy/Paste has been there since one of the early builds.
[attachment=0:26jk2s27]Screenshot 2017-04-20 11.13.23.png[/attachment:26jk2s27]
Are you looking for buttons on the toolbar for copy/paste?

Check for changes will allow you to export schedule items, coming soon in 6.7.
Tooltips are expected for sure, but haven't been added across the whole app yet.
The save button on the toolbar allows you to save the existing schedule.
File save as allows you to save as another name.
The open recent allows you to open the original schedule.
Import schedule file is in the gear menu in the schedule.