[v6 General Discussion] Slides advancing in live pane

We tend to make sequential slides for every slide of every song. We don't go back and forth within a song, but will have, say, 14 slides, even though there may be only 5 unique slides to that song. If we only had 5 or 6 slides per song, this wouldn't be an issue.

The issue - The first slides show up completely in the top of the pane and I partially see row two. When I go to the 2nd row of slides, they advance just enough to see them completely, but I can't see the 3rd row of slides. I would like if when I advance to the next row, that whole row advanced to the top row, so that I could partially see the next row.

Is this possible or is it already slated to be added or do I need to put it in the PLEASE ADD forum?



Are these PowerPoint slides?
We do have a ppt or 2 in our service schedule. However, the slides I am referring to are EW slides.

I can make an EW schedule tomorrow that has no ppt and see if there is any difference in how it scrolls with the slides.

I closed EW. Then I made a schedule that had no ppts. The songs scrolled in the same way.

So any ideas?
I just want to clarify the request.
You want to see all of the next line of thumbnails so that you can see what's coming up next right?
I don't have EW open in front of me, so I might be using the wrong words.

I am talking about the 3rd pane, the one on the right or the live one, and I am using the medium icon size. When I start out with a song, I am in the top row of the thumbnails? and can see the top row and the 2nd row. When I go to the 2nd row, I can see part of the 1st row, but don't see the 3rd row. I would like to be able to see that next row. I don't need to see all of the slide, but I do want to see enough of the thumbnail to be able to see what is coming up.
I suppose all I would have to see would be the next slide after the one I am on. I don't know what is easier for you to do from the programming end. OR maybe there is already a place where I can change how it scrolls that I don't know about.

Two suggestions:

1. Shrink the "Live Output" viewer to a size that allows you to see more thumbnails.
2. Switch to Ledger View, which replaces thumbnails with the actual text of each slide.
Yes, I can do these things. However, if I have a song that is 12 or more slides long, I can't see all the words or all the slides. And when I get to the last row that I see, it doesn't bring the next row up.

I am able to scroll to see the next row, so I have a workaround. However, it would be nice if this happened automatically.