[v6 General Discussion] Editing Powerpoint items just for schedule

For our worship music, we use powerpoint presentations that include the sheet music, one song per presentation. This means that unless we edit the presentations in advance, we are importing all of the verses of the song included in the original file. Our worship leader would like the flexibility to remove and copy slides, and to arrange the song to his liking for that particular week. While this is easy to do in Powerpoint itself, and could be done through the presentation editor, those changes either permanently alter the file or require that we create another version of the song. That's what we've been doing, and the number of versions we have for some songs is getting confusing for the different people that build services.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to edit these powerpoint presentations within the schedule, so that the changes only exist for that current schedule, and don't permanently alter the underlying presentations. When I attempt to "Edit Item" in the schedule window, however, that "Edit Item" option is grayed out for me, so I can't make any changes.

Hope that explanation is clear enough. Any ideas on how to make these Powerpoint presentations editable just within the current schedule?


What you are describing are functions of the EasyWorship program using the songs and presentations built into the software. With powerpoint we do not have the ability to edit the PowerPoint slideshow the same as an EasyWorship song or presentation. We have to launch PowerPoint and when you make the changes, it changes the file and EW has to update after that. I recommend moving to EasyWorship songs and presentations in order to accomplish this. You'll have a much smoother transitions between songs and presentations when you make this change. EasyWorship is having to close and open PowerPoint files and present them on the fly. This is a much slower process than just sending an EasyWorship song or presentation to the screen.
Thanks for the reply. So is there a way to import these powerpoint files as presentations? When they are EasyWorship presentations, does this create another file instead of interacting with the original Powerpoint file?

I would love to have these song files native to EasyWorship, but I don't have the option to use just song lyrics. I have to be able to use sheet music.

Thanks for the help!
Right now, we don't have the ability to import PowerPoint presentations as native presentations. This is a great feature request though and something we have discussed, but haven't been able to implement yet.
Good to know that I'm not missing something that the software can do now. Hope that feature happens at some point.

Thanks for your help!