[v6 General Discussion] Scripture inserted into song and foldback


When I insert a passage of scripture into a song using a new slide the scripture does not show on the foldback display. The foldback display is blank except for the clock and the next line of the song. The slide prior to the scripture shows the next song name instead of the upcoming scripture. The main display is fine, just the foldback is not displaying what I want. Our worship leaders like to use the foldback screen to read the scripture passages so as not to have to have a lectern during the worship times. Am I doing something wrong or is this not something Easyworship can do?


I am sorry but this is a bug. The developers have it on the list to be fixed.
Hi Terry

Thanks for that. Any idea when we may see a fix?
I am sorry but there is not a specific date on when it will be available.