[v6 General Discussion] Matrox Dualhead2go and Powerpoint with foldback


We have just set up foldback. We are using a laptop with a nVidia graphics card using the Dualhead2go via a mini display port output. I have set up the Matrox per the directions on this site. When I run a PowerPoint presentation through EW, the laptop screen resolution changes to 640 x 480 and only part of the show goes to FOH. The PP presentation is set to output to an automatic monitor and is set to widescreen output.

Beside Powerpoint, EW and the foldback work flawlessly. The only other thing I see that is odd is that the main output won't stay on secondary monitor as per the instructions. When I change the width to half the displayed size in the instructions, the output changes to custom position. HELP!!


I think that you have the PowerPoint set to use a specific resolution instead of the option to use current resolution. Open the PowerPoint program and click on SLIDE SHOW//SET UP SLIDE SHOW and make sure that it is set to use current resolution.

On the other question it is normal to say custom position because that is what you are doing. You are setting a custom position.
I checked this setting, and it is set to current resolution. If I unplug the Dualhead2go and replug it, it works correctly, but I have to do this each time I start a slideshow. Any ideas?
Also, it doesn't matter if I have the monitor set to Automatic or Matrox Dualhead2go in the slideshow setup. The Current Resolution is set in both.

When I start the show in EW, the 2nd monitor is forced to 640x480 resolution. If I unplug the Matrox and then replug it, it returns to the default (and recommended) 2048x768 and displays correctly.

You might check the PowerPoint by right clicking on the PowerPoint icon and then click on the Compatibility tab and make sure that it is not set to run in a lower resolution and you can also check the same thing on the EasyWorship icon.
We have tried all these options with no effect. Anyone have ideas? It is getting tiresome unplugging the Matrix Dualhead2go each time?
Are all of the slideshows saved with the screen resolution set to 640x480? Does this happen if you the PowerPoint slideshow outside of EasyWorship?