[v6 General Discussion] Imported Powerpoint Issues

Hi There,

I have a schedule that has lots of imported powerpoints, when I opened the schedule Easyworship decided to change the names of all the presentations to random 4/5 letter/number combinations. New files imported to the schedule do not do this. If i dont save it and open the schedule again, the names appear correctly at first, then the items go greyed out and refresh with a new name. The files are still the same an go live all correctly, but the names are all wrong. Machine is Windows 7 and I hgave just re-checked for updates with none available.

Any Ideas? Do i have to delete the schedule and start again?
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Hi. I'm sorry that you're having this issue. This is a bug that will be fixed in a future release. Here's the workaround until then:
If the PowerPoint is in the schedule that has been saved and packed, then you will have to remove the PowerPoint from the schedule. Then save the schedule. And then add the PowerPoint back into the schedule. This should show up with the correct names. Thanks for your patience as we work to fix this issue.