[v6 General Discussion] How do I transfer songs from one PC to another?

Again, piloting the trial version before purchasing the full version. If we have a volunteer building the songs from their PC at home, is it possible, and if so, how, do we transfer the songs from the PC at home to the PC used at Church for service? I've figured out how to simply store the entire presentation to a jump drive and load it on the church PC, but need to know how to transfer the content of the presentation (Songs, announcement slides, etc..) into the EasyWorship library on the Church PC. If we can only create the song slides on the Church PC rather than create them remotely and then load them, then I'm not sure this will work out for us.
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Hi, if the person preparing the service at home saves the schedule (onto a memory stick, or via Dropbox) then you can simply open that on the church computer and everything will be there.

What you can't do yet is to copy new songs onto the church database (that is a long awaited feature)

We use Dropbox to store our schedules, as it allows all our volunteers to create schedules at home, and run them from one of our tow locations really easily. The licence from Easyworship allows as many copies to be used. The only drawback to our approach is that if a new song is created then it is not available to everyone at the same time.

Hope this helps