[v6 General Discussion] Storing Images Presentations and Schedules

sorry for long post
We have just done a tidy up of one of our church laptops removing duplicate ppt and image files etc so that they are all in the "Resources" folder. However whether this is a co-incidence or not we are now having problems running EW6. On Sunday the operator found that EW6 crashed/was not responding/froze. I have had a look today and the same thing happened so I tried removing a slide thinking that may be the culprit - however now EW6 is struggling to open at all - is it because of all the files in the "Resources" folder (making the Softtouch folder 6.6GB).


But we keep finding instances of Softtouch in other folders (albeit nothing there) eg

We are not IT experts so finding it a bit confusing.I have checked for Windows 10 updates and the laptop is up to date.

Also we tried to match the laptop with our church pc and so Softtouch is saved here :

Ideally we would like to use 2 laptops and for storing and creating schedules and synchronise them somehow but we don't know how to go about this .....

Thanks for any help or advice

As above I checked for Windows Updates today and restarted the laptop. No joy.
I created a ticket so that we can take a look at the issue.