[v6 General Discussion] Moving to EW from MediaShout

After several years of using MediaShout we are considering a move to EasyWorship. Are there any tools that would assist with the move? Since we have several hundred songs in the MediaShout database, is there a way to import them into EW, either individually or as a group? I exported all the songs into one file and also exported a couple of songs into individual text files but none would successfully import into EW.


You can try using this conversion tool that was created for EasyWorship 2007. You will need to install a demo of EasyWorship 2009 and then use the tool to convert the data from Media Shout into EasyWorship 2009. Once you have the data in EasyWorship 2009 then you can convert it into EasyWorship 6.

https://easyworship.com/downloads/Utilities/ezConvert/:28zti2z1]eZconvert Tool <------Download from this link

You can try using this conversion tool ... https://easyworship.com/downloads/Utilities/ezConvert/]eZconvert Tool <------Download from this link

I'm looking to move from MediaShout to EW and migrating data is important. Your link would be helpful but is now dead. Does the tool still exist and, if so, where?

Many thanks.
I am not able to attach it here but if you create a ticket and send that to me I will be able to get it to you that way.