[v6 General Discussion] Change Forum Username? Don't want email address appearing,


How can my forum username be changed please? There seems to be no way to do it in the profile settings, and there is no way to delete the account and create a new one with a different username.

I don't want the email address to appear publicly, where it can easily be harvested by spammers.

Could this be changed to "South Liverpool Vineyard" asap please?


I changed the name that is displayed, but it can only be 20 characters, so I had to shorten it.
Hi. I have the same request. NewBeginningEC would be more desirable. Thanks so much.
Would you change mine too, please? KCAD615 is what I'd like my username to be.

Thank you!
Username changed, email is still required for login.
OH THANK YOU RODGER!!!!! I so appreciate it!!
Can you change my username as well to SPMillTech?

Please can you also change mine from email to Dave Barker

You can now change your name by clicking Forum Account at the top of the forum.

Then click the Profile tab.

Click Edit account settings.

Change your Display Name there and click Submit.
Hi Roger

I've tried that and the section seems to be write protected in some way.

Even the Reset option does not work.

Any thoughts.

Cheers Dave
When you click the EDIT ACCOUNT SETTINGS and then change the Display name to something else you are clicking on SUBMIT and not on reset correct? If you click reset it just puts it back to what it was before you changed it.
Thanks Terry it's sorted now.