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We just purchased EW6 on our shiny new W10 Pro 64bit with 8GB ram and a NVidia 8something card with 1GB VRam.

So we imported the 2009 profile/song/slides into EW6 and things look fine but...

...no video backgrounds. The words are there on a black background. I've tried reading the help files and a few are stating the same thing about black backgrounds. I suspect this is a theme issue, but does that mean I have edit every song, let alone every slide to include the video backgrounds?

Just to clarify, these a simple motion/video backgrounds of clouds or rain drop type thing, not a movie.

As well we manually downloaded and installed Quicktime (somewhere in your help file it mentions about Install Quicktime drop down, it doesn't show in any of the dropdowns). Anyway we are now able to play MOV's but not MP4. One would hope this would all be built in...

Any ideas how to get the mp4's to work as well being a continuous background across all slides?

In the 2009 edition it was simple. There was even a "Background" button when editing, I noticed that button is now gone along with the + sign to add slides to the schedule. Miss those, things were so much simpler in 2009.

Most of our audio people are volunteers and not as computer savvy like you folk, so not sure if you can "dumb down the interface" to the way it was in 2009 - like bring back the + sign in top left scheduler to add a song instead of drag and drop, as well an add Background button.

Thank you,

God is Good!

PS- this is Tom, the volunteer IT guy who hacked the pastor's account ;-b
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I am going to create a ticket so that we can work on this. I will email it to you.