[v6 General Discussion] EW crashes periodically when videos are played

Hi there,

I have been using EW6 for a few years now on a laptop.

I have recently installed it onto a newly refurbished Lenova desktop with the following spec:

• Intel Quad Core i5
• 3.10GHz MAX Turbo 3.40GHz
• nVidia Geforce GTX 750 Titanium 2GB DDR5 128bit 1080p Gaming Graphics card
• 8GB RAM,
• 500GB HDD (2x250GB)
• USB Wi-Fi,
• Windows 10 PRO 64bit

Everything appeared fine when I first installed it, but it was soon apparent that were a couple of problems:

1. Videos playing through the Live Output would suddenly stop and cause EW to not respond (as far as I can recollect, this normally happens within the first minute of a video). I have also tried to note to see if there is a pattern with the particular videos that are not playing properly, i.e. file size, or file type, but cant seem to find anything.

2. Video and audio playing really slowly. I looked into this further and it appears it was being caused by a sound card that we have plugged in to the PC, so that appears to be fixed now and not directly related to EW, but thought I would mention it just in case.

Have you ever heard of anything like the former problem?

Is there anything obvious I should check or are there any setting on my PC you think I need to reconfigure?

It's really frustrating trying to lock this down and replicate the issue because in a service, if EW crashes when a certain video plays, if we reload EW and play the same video again, it works fine.

I understand that Windows 10 has caused many people issues with software compatibility up to now (even though it appears that they are sorting that out with updates as I hear less these days), but could this be the issue?

I really don't know what to try next and really need to get it sorted ASAP as there's not much more embarrassing than a crash during a worship song (with video in background) or a countdown video and its become quite frequent over the last few weeks.

So any help you can give would be much appreciated!

Do you have quicktime installed? If not, go ahead and install it. The third party codec we have in that build has been known to have issues, that's why the next build will have our own in house player. Quicktime will cause it to bypass that code.
Here is a link to Quicktime https://support.easyworship.com/support ... ndMOVFiles
Thanks for the swift reply Rodger, appreciate that.

I don't think I do have Quick Time installed, but inst that just for .mov files (I don't use those hardly)? I'll go install it anyway and see if that does the trick. Hope it does
MOV and MP4 files will use QT.
Okay, it's WMV files as well as MP4s, but will try it anyway.
Is it the same access violation every time? You should be able to find the access violation in your windows event log. If so, please post the error.
I followed the installation instructions as specified and Quick time is uploaded. But when I went to play an MP4 file it froze about 3 minutes in to the 7 minute video. The image froze in the preview in ES and on the live projection, but underneath the preview the slider was still going across as if it was playing.

I tried it again and it did the same.
Did you reboot after installing QT? Sometimes it requires a reboot for some reason.
Yes, I did

Going to have another look tomorrow ahead of Sunday and see whether it breaks on any other videos.

I created a ticket for this Alistair so that we can work on it.
Dear Roger,
We had various 'Access Violation' errors and I found one of the EW6 support pages which advised uninstalling Quicktime completely with EW6 Ver 5.5 onwards. Also, to uninstall PlayTV program. We are using Windows 10 (latest version). All seemed well for a couple of weeks, but we have recently started having the error again. Confused.
Regards. <><
Dear Roger,
We had various 'Access Violation' errors and I found one of the EW6 support pages which advised uninstalling Quicktime completely with EW6 Ver 5.5 onwards. Also, to uninstall PlayTV program. We are using Windows 10 (latest version). All seemed well for a couple of weeks, but we have recently started having the error again. Confused.
Regards. <><

When are you getting the error? While opening the program or closing the program or editing a song or opening and old 2009 schedule?

If this machine was upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 then check out this post also http://forums.easyworship.com/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=15383&p=52195&sid=9dbbe015d928f8be6696935a5d226208&sid=9dbbe015d928f8be6696935a5d226208#p52195:s97x23xt]Click Here
I was about to create a thread about this, because it is happening with our setup too.

We're using a PC that was put together specifically to run EW.
After installing 6, and setting up the K-lite codec pack and running the Tweak Tool and making the amendments everything seemed fine.

However a few months in (perhaps after an update, I'm not sure), videos would begin crashing. Points of note.

[list:2izt1te8][*:2izt1te8]We are currently running the latest version of EW6[/*:m:2izt1te8]
[*:2izt1te8]K-lite codec pack is installed and has been set up as described in the support section[/*:m:2izt1te8]
[*:2izt1te8]Video loops running behind songs have never crashed[/*:m:2izt1te8]
[*:2izt1te8]Both in-house and purchased media intermittently crashes [/*:m:2izt1te8][/list:u:2izt1te8]

The crash typically presents in the following way.
Video begins to play normally, then part way through (60 seconds to 2 minutes in usually) the video image freezes but the audio continues to play. At this point EW freezes and we are unable to stop or restart the video. The only solution is the three finger shuffle (CTRL-ALT-DEL) and terminate EW in Task Manager. When this is completed, we can load EW and continue on. Usually the video plays with no problems on the next run through, and in the service that follows.

Hardware is an i7 with 12Gb RAM, 240Gb SSD, GTX 750, so doubting it is hardware related. Assuming a codec issue.

Following a Windows 10 update I noticed the codecs had been reset to Microsoft defaults I re-tweaked (ok, don't think that's a verb) and ensured they matched the settings oroginally specified on the support page. The crashes are still happening. However they are random. They are triggered sometimes, and not at other times using the same media files.

Regarding codecs, we are primarily using x264 in mp4 wrappers, but do have some mkv and mov files too, along with the very occasional xvid avi or mpeg 2 file.

I'm hearing that installing Quick Time was an option for the last build, or is that advice for the current build?

Thanks for the help!

There was a Windows update last week that broke more decoders. If you re-install Quicktime and then re-boot it will be fixed.

https://www.easyworship.com/downloads/Utilities/VideoTools/QuickTimeInstaller.exe:3f8s6k2l]Install QuickTime
I installed Quick Time earlier this week, but unfortunately we had another media-related crash this Sunday.

No problems during the first service, however the Countdown video froze with 14 seconds to go before the commencement of our second video. There had been no changes to the media or computer settings between services.

Once CTRL-ALT-DEL and EW6 shut down and restarted, the same schedule file was loaded and ran fine for the rest of the service. Seems to be the same scenarios as I listed earlier in the thread.

Any further suggestions as to what I can try?