[v6 General Discussion] Sporadic loss of new songs from database.

Hi Guys, for some unknown reason, when new songs have been added to database of easyworship 6; they disappear occasionally. They do re-appear but only after another copy has been added resulting in multi copies.
The specifications of the pc are:

Dell Vostro 260
Intel core i5-2400 cpu @ 3.10GHz
Ram 4 GB
64 bit operating system x64-bassed processor
500 GB Memory (459 GB available)
Easyworship version 6.5.5
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated; causing massive frustration with visual team and musicians alike. One musician had written his own lyrics only to find they were not there on the day he needed to use them.

Yours gratefully

I too have had similar issue with EW 6. Several times I have been looking for a song knowing it was in our DB but can't find it. You go and do something else and come back for another look at and behold, the "missing" song is there. I have been puzzled over this happening also.

I have also had another issue - which happened again just last weekend. While setting up songs at a practice, I began looking for background pictures - Themes - to use. I had put some back grounds on when I needed to project another song for the practice. Going back to continue assigning backgrounds/Themes and there were no themes available - they had all disappeared. Tried all sorts of things to get them back but no.

Finally in a gap in the practice I restarted EW6 and my themes were all back again.
This has happened before and can be very frustrating. Never ever had issues like this in EW 2009 which in my experience was exceptionally stable and reliable.
I'll be glad to help investigate this issue.

Are you storing your database on the local hard drive or network drive?
Database is stored on local hard drive
If this happens again, try right clicking in the songs area and clicking refresh and see if the song shows up.
Also, are you adding all the songs to the database, or is someone else also working in the database?
Thanks for the tip Rodger. There are two others who also add songs, that have had training.
Hi Rodger. since my last post; the tip you gave was passed on to the team only to get the following response.

Are the computer specifications enough ?
Can you find out from the easy worship, or from a computer expert, why we have to accept so much frustration,
It only serves to rid our enthusiasm and certainly doesn't help our cynicism 8-(. Please can you help combat this backlash.

If the software is not running slow, your media plays fine and words appear when you click them, I would say the computer is adequate. Also make sure you aren't using equipment that is on our Unsupported list at the bottom of the System Requirements page. https://support.easyworship.com/support ... ents-ew-6-

If they are speaking of missing songs, I'm not sure what would cause them to disappear, that is why I would like to try the refresh to see if it makes them reappear. This is the first instance we have heard of where someone is losing songs. If they are speaking of other frustrations, please let us know what they are and we'll do our best to help.
Thanks Rodger