[v6 General Discussion] How to indicate last verse in a song?

Today I was approached by someone asking if I could do something to show when the last verse of a song is being projected. They suggested various ideas which would involve individually editing each song - which isn't something I relish but another suggestion which they'd seen used was to project the copyright information only on the slide containing the last verse. I like that idea but I can't see any way in which to implement it in EW6?

What approaches (if any) do others use to indicate to the congregation that they are seeing the last verse of a song?


We underline the number of the last verse. That is, if the song has verse numbers.
In all of our songs I have an asterisk under the last line which indicates the end of the song.
Yes originally I had to go and edit each song but it did not take too long.
Simple but effective.

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I have had the same query come up at my church.

For our hymns that reside in Powerpoint files, I insert a small red circle in the bottom right hand corner of the slide, to signify the last verse. If the song happens to be in Easyworship, then it ends up being a small additional textbox that I fill red. (Since you can't add shapes, at least not easily, to an Easyworship slide)

You can also use the EW "Labels" feature. There's a video tutorial for this - click on help and type labels - its covered in adding songs.

If the labels don't show up on the projected screen display - Edit - Options - Song - then check the box next to "Show Verse/Chorus Labels"

I hope this helps.
Hi, we use the copyright to be displayed on the last slide only. You will need to edit each song, and remember to do it when you enter a new song, but you just need to make sure that in the Inspector -> Slide Attributes, make sure that "copyright" is ticked only on the last slide of the song.
I am making an assumption in that you only want the choir or director (stage) to see this information.

We use a foldback projector and I have turned on "next item info" in options. By doing this they can pay attention to what is written. If it is not the last slide it shows the next "set" of words. If it is the last slide, it will not. If it is the last slide then "NEXT ****: ..." will be displayed. The only exception to this is Power Point, when using a PP as a Presentation, it will always show "NEXT ****: ...".

This is automatic and requires no editing of each song.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for all the suggestions to date: please keep them coming! - so far the display copyright only on the last slide seems the most suitable for our church - I do seem to think that in EW2009 there was an option to display this info only on the last slide - although I may be dreaming here! having to manually edit each of several hundred songs isn't something I'm relishing doing, but so far that seems the best option....

We use a cross at the bottom of the last slide since verses can sometimes be several slides. It is done using wingdings in the font menu. You can choose from a variety of appropriate symbols (bible, cross, etc.) I simply add one line to the last slide - type Shift U and change that to the wingding font and it becomes a cross.
We change the colour of the full stop at the end of the last line of the song.
We use a hash tag at the end of the last verse. Alternatively you can you the Ending title that is already built into easyworship.