[v6 General Discussion] 3 major problems with EWS 6

We're still using EWS 2009, but recently I talked with our team of volunteers about switching to EWS 6. Main reason is Alpha channel (very useful for text overlay in our video stream). Unfortunately I was not able to convince them. The main obstacles for us are:

* No check for changes:
An absolute must have. How are we going to distribute updates to our EWS DB amongst the volunteers?
* Automatic scripture reflow:
If it worked, this would have been a very nice feature. But there's just too much wrong with this feature (mid senctence breaks etc). We'd rather disable it. I know there's an option to break on every verse, but that's not what we want. Can an option be added to disable reflow entirely?
* No editor, i.e. no undo/redo: why has this been removed?

I know all of these points have been brought up on this forum already and that the check for changes is being worked on. But what about the other two: disabling scripture reflow and the undo/redo function?

Seems the simplest solution is to always break on a verse. Yes, sometimes there is a verse that changes mid sentence, but that is rare.

I cannot imagine anyone wanting to use it the way it is where it will break mid sentence.