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We are using EZ, with windows 10 and office 365. We have the UM Hymnal, in power point format on our computer that runs the service. We can pick and down load to the schedule, with few issues. The current issue is when we GO LIVE. There is a long delay 2 or more minutes before the first image is projected. Sometimes the display can be sped up by clicking on the slide in preview. But that is a 50-50 chance at best. Is there a fix for this. The powerpoint program with the songs and images is an older program, but is saved on the computer so it is not being down loaded from the disk. Thanks for any ideas, Pat Reed
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Hi Pat,

Thanks for contacting us about this issue. I've created a ticket for you so I can help you resolve this issue. Once we figure out what the problem is, I'll post back here to let everyone else know what caused this issue.