[v6 General Discussion] Email change resets EW6 to demo mode

I am in the process of building a new PC for Easy Worship.

Unfortunately the original registration details were not available to me, so I contacted support and got the email address changed on the account.

I then did a "forgot my password" reset and all was well.

However after using these new credentials on the new PC, I received a frantic call from the Church telling me the production PC has suddenly reverted to demo mode.
Is that supposed to happen?
If I change the account password again n the future will I then need to go to each PC and re-register?


To register the EasyWorship program you have to login to it using an email address and password. If you change the password you will have to register each machine that it is on with the new password. I suggest using a generic email address such as yourchurcname@youchurchname.org etc and not a personal email address.

Thanks for the reply.

Ok, so to be clear, EW stores the registered credentials (email and password) and calls home periodically/at start to authenticate?

Yes I'm using a generic email address.

Thank you.
From what I understand about it that is correct.