[v6 General Discussion] Random screen flickring

We just purchased a pc dedicated to use EasyWorship. We are using the output card for the primary and fold back monitors. NIVDA (so?) Primary is vga and foldback is HDMI with adaptor plug to vga. The primary is set to "Recommended" resolution and fb set to next to lowest resolution. The problem we have is random screen flickering especially when playing videos whether they are from EW or downloaded and flickering at times when changing slides. All at random. Plus on the primary screen, the bars at the top and bottom flicker when the foldback is flickering.

I took the computer back to the store and of course for them, it was flawless. Brought it back and flickering again plus now the foldback will go blank for about 5 seconds then back on. I tried new vga cables and a different monitor and still same results. At the store, they even opened multiple videos on line while EW was playing with no flickering.
In regards to your first response, the other video drivers were already disabled
how long are your cables? Are you using a video distribution amplifier?
The cables are 3' and yes we were using a vga distribution amp. But I went straight from the computer to a monitor (I tried two different monitors), and still flickers. I have left the computer on now for about 3 hours and the flickering has almost stopped. Now it flickers once or twice every 10 minutes.
Check the refresh rate settings for your monitors in the advanced display properties. Normally you would set them to 60 Hz.
It was already set to 60Hz. On scroll down, there were no other options. I have noticed when the computer sits idle, the flickering slows. But when I am using it again, the flickering is like it always was.
Is the power source to the computer and monitors good? Are you on a battery backup? If you set the computer up somewhere else like at home or another part of the building, with the same monitors do have this issue? To me this sounds like a hardware, cabling, or power issue of some kind.
Also check the windows event log and make sure that the driver isn't crashing over and over again.
I raised the same question at the computer store about the primary power. It's a 3 phase building. I checked the voltage at the power pigtail where it plugs into the computer and it read between 125.1 and 125.2 volts. Plus I checked the earth ground terminal and it was fine. I am away from it now and will move it around tomorrow. Will let you know then. Thanks for the responses.
Was away for awhile. Anyway, after swapping vga cables and putting a new cable in seemed to have stopped the flickering. It was a bad cable on the primary monitor which worked fine as long as the secondary monitor was not hooked up. I am assuming maybe it was somehow affecting the video card for the secondary monitor. But putting the new cable on the primary stopped the flickering on the secondary! Thanks for the suggestions to check hdwr., I had been on software!!