[v6 General Discussion] refresh unfresh

the refresh button for updated lyrics/song/powerpoint doesn't work well in EW6.

I find that when I edit a song/powerpoint that is already present in my schedule, then the song/powerpoint refreshes the visible schedule (sorta). However, the live output will vary between the old song/powerpoint, and may revert to the older song/powerpoint as it will (a mind of its own). I find that the only way to *reliably* update after a song/powerpoint edit is to physically remove the updated song/powerpoint from the schedule, edit the song/powerpoint *again*. close the editor, and then to repaste the song/powerpoint in the schedule.

The last part of this saga is this: If the edited/refreshed item is a powerpoint, then the powerpoint file cannot be visible/shown in any way on foldback, preview, or even editor while this is being done because the file will not show up properly on live output.. the preview will show the edited file, but the displayed powerpoint will be the old file.

the refresh in EW2009 would automatically update and synchronize the schedule *and* the preview/live, but the EW6 is a collection of delete/click/move/click and then hope it takes.

Do you have an authoritative way to make the refresh work in EW6 like EW2009 did?