[v6 General Discussion] imported powerpoint not displaying correctly

After last week's update to Easy Worship 6, imported powerpoint presentations no longer display correctly on the screen. About two-thirds of the image shows, with the bottom and right cut off. The lyrics, etc, display correctly.

I have tried changing slide size, and looked for any settings to make powerpoint fit to screen with no good result.

We do have the latest Nvidia card GTX 960M with windows 10, displaying to LG screens and a projector screen. It connects with a converter, HDMI to VGA.

Using Powerpoint itself gives the correct size, so we are working around the issue until resolution is made by using both programs.
Is there anything I may be missing? in powerpoint itself or Easy Worship that can adjust the powerpoint only on the screen?
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It's best to use the PowerPoint application.
You can work around this issue with PowerPoint viewer by following the instructions at the following KB article.
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... ter-update