[v6 General Discussion] Installation Stuck on Database conversion

I started my update from 6.4.8 to the newest version on a Saturday about 2:00 pm and left it alone to complete. I arrived on Sunday AM to find the installation was still running, and the database conversion was still running. Why would the conversion takes so long? I had to abort the installation and restore the 6.4.8 installation.
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I am sorry you are having this problem.

It could be a problem with a presentationlayouts.db file which is located in the v6.1 folder in your profile location.

So to get there open EW before you install the 5.5 and click on Profiles//Profilesmanager// then click on the highlighted instance location. Once you have opened that folder then close the EasyWorship Program. Then open the v6.1 folder then databases then data and rename the PresentationLayout.db file to OldPresentationLayout.db. Then install the 5.5 update and see if it will convert properly.