[v6 General Discussion] Lessons learnt (the hard way)

I have slow to move from EW2009 to EW6, but have made the inevitable move. While EW2009 did all we needed, the lack of support meant we needed to move on to the new version. After a few successful trial runs we have are rolling EW6 out to all our users. So far, so good

Last weekend I did inflict a problem for ourselves by allowing EW6 to update to version 5.5 prior to the service - I should have known better! I created two problems for myself:
1. EW6 became unresponsive -I looked at EW Helper, it was busy indexing the many presentations we had in the folder, I had to wait until this process was complete before I could finish preparing the schedule.
2. the upgrade created a problem with the PC's sound - we had videos to play, but had no sound. As a last resort we restarted the PC, this fixed the problem. On reflection I assume the codecs introduced by the upgrade needed a reboot to work correctly.

So my learning is, for a serene start to the worship service - only apply updates when you have plenty of time to test and fix any issues.